Wednesday, July 29, 2009


firstly i must preface this by stating it is like 110 degrees in PDX literally
so this summer semester i m in a yoga class
i dread this yoga class to differing degrees daily
i signed up with the expectation that it was an 'at least somewhat introductory' class
indeed i was way off. it is grouped into 'yoga1+yoga2'
one class to rule all our asses
calling it intense would be misleading
the teacher ascribes to a specific form called bikram yoga
shitz iz crazy
not to mention it meets four out of five business days for an hour and a quarter
so the tomorrow is my last class and it has felt like the ascent to the summit of mount yoga
i was unprepared for such an endeavor
to really top things off, the final class is what our teacher calls 'pink floyd yoga'
now i am happy to have just one more class but this seems ridiculous
i m guessing the ol' teach thinks she is giving us a treat for our last day of class
but let me tell you that listening to dark side of the moon while busting my ass in the least relaxing yoga class after weeks of this shit is like icing on an evil evil cake of death
there are a number of bands i really don't like, luckily i don't have any need to detail those suffice it to say that floyd is up there on the list!

ok, so basically tomorrow night (assuming i get my grade for my last anatomy exam (and it isn't a d or f) is a day for celebrating
i will get a break for a few weeks/months on 'responsible' bedtimes, at least...until my NEXT yoga class starts
luckily i went out of my way to insure that the yoga class will be a reasonable one
it is called 'gentle yoga'
music to my ears
GENTLE mutherfuckers, oh yeah

also, before i forget: i ordered the magma box set which contains every single studio recording they have done starting from late 60's (i think) till present day. (thanks fhank 4 the headzupz)
now if that isn't exciting i don't know what is

Saturday, July 25, 2009

updated the enjoyable section here to things that have been interesting lately
stressed about upcoming anatomy and physiology lec. exam
avoiding studies by....blogging...never thought i'd say that
missing my girlfriends snuggles :( getting along better with the cat today than yesterday thankfully
got the work done on the mini today, it is definitely closer to full health status but still exhibits odd behavior. maybe it will iron itself out.
yet further modular plans. on the search for the perfect motm format single space diode filter of three bands or less. geek speak for quirky amazing (maybe nonexistent) filter. that is sort of the last bit. everything else feels right in my plan, for now anyway.

back to work for me.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

maybe mini gets fixed?

saturday while holly is home back east i will be going to a newfound synth friends house.
now it just so happens that this friend is a guy who knows A LOT of synth people.
we are going to endeavor to do some repairs on my minimoog model d which have as yet been diagnosed as elusive at best and impossible at worst.
i feel guardedly optimistic about this as a famous moog tech by the name of kevin lightner has sort of blessed this project by sending my friend the proposed necessary parts for the repairs.
now, this isn't the first time i have tried to get these problems fixed so who knows what will happen
i hope it is easy and straightforward!
wish us luck and send good thoughts saturday early afternoon (pacific time) as we may need help!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

oh jeez i haven't been here in a while
school is killing me currently
anatomy 1 is the bane of my existence
my solace comes from dreams/planning of my future modular and love from my girlfriend
woot to muff wiggler! i caint gits me enuff